yeti battle 2011.

Why hello beautiful…

I spent the holiday weekend breathing the glorious mountain air near Kinzua Dam in the Alleghenies.

Also – getting eaten by bugs, falling down mountains, suffering from smoke eyes, eating way too many hot dogs, almost peeing my pants 378 times, not fishing on a fishing boat, laughing at other people falling, witnessing a super vornato, not taking a shower, unplugging from the world, and fighting a Yeti.

You see, I got pretty banged up Saturday evening. An innocent romp in the woods turned into an epic battle of girl vs. beast.

This is basically a perfect re-creation of what went down…

Ok, fine. There wasn’t a Yeti. No epic war between species. Just a clumsy gal trying to walk in the forest back to her tent.

A tree branch grabbed my leg (I swear) and took me down into a leafy ditch. No one saw this beautiful fall, but they heard it. Fellow camper, Middle Mike, described the event as such, “I’ll never forget the sound that made. Leafy footstep, leafy footstep, kaTHUD……(silence)…….leafy footstep, leafy footstep.” I’ll save you from having to look at my Jupiter-like bruises, just know they are AWESOME.

I’m beginning to think Kinzua is an enchanted evil forest.  The Yeti’s are involved in some crazy karmatic witchcraft. I laugh at a friend for falling off the boat into mud and later that evening…destroyed.

Don’t mess with Yeti’s, man. They mean serious business.

Anyway, camping was amazing as always. The much-needed escape comes at the perfect time every year. Good company, good food, good times.



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3 responses to “yeti battle 2011.

  1. I am going camping this weekend this totally sounds like something that would happen to me.

  2. Kickin

    I do see another lie in your tail – I don’t believe you were going to your tent lol. But yes, karma did it for laughing at my fall!

  3. well yes, you are sort of right. i was heading to my tent THEN took care of business. the woods make ladies so unladylike.

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