french connection.

Apparently some looney tunes are saying the world is ending Saturday. Where did they come up with this? I really wish people would stop being crazy and just float along quietly like the rest of us.

If this is true, I will be sooo pissed. There are still so many things to do and see.

Yesterday I watched the first Paris episode of No Reservations. I love Anthony Bourdain, he gets it. To me, he knows how to live life (minus the smoking, he really should stop smoking). Tony explained why Paris (Europe in general) is awesome. They have such appreciation for life. Days aren’t wasted away working or mindlessly watching TV. They talk, laugh, eat, and drink with such passion. Passion for the good things in life.

If any of you know me well, you know that I am insanely obsessed with Paris. I’ve never been, I only admire from a far. I hope to get there soon, and I imagine this is how it will be:

(I recently started making MS Paint cartoons – you will see more, many more)

Paris oozes romance to me, and I am a sucker for romance.  I want to dance in the streets like they do in old movies, eat at an adorable cafe, drink wine on a balcony as the Eiffel Tower and I gaze into each others eyes. Sigh. Some day soon, my love.

Maybe this whole thing will teach us to appreciate life more. Live every week like the world is ending Saturday. Get off Facebook and actually talk to someone, eat really good food, play outside, love someone, do something that scares you.

Live life like the Parisians do.

Au revoir!


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