new home!

Welcome to my new blog! It’s still a work in progress but I couldn’t wait to share any longer! Bare with me as I work out the kinks and make it all pretty.

Sooo, February happens to be “American Heart Month.” Very appropriate me thinks : )

Since heart disease is the number one cause of death in America, I wear a reminder to help me make the right choices. This Silly Band was given to me the day I found out my dad had to have open heart surgery. I’ve worn it everyday since as a reminder:

Taking the steps now to protect your heart is literally life saving. Love♥your♥heart.

My heart gets a lot of good food and exercise. Running is the best gift I could give my body. Sometimes my body hates me and tries to rebel, but I have a few tricks up my sleeve to get back on the track.

Remember that horrible run last week? Since then I’ve had two successful runs. Both with the help of a little gadget I got on Friday at a local running store, Second Sole. A shin splint wrap with cold compression therapy.

There are so many things right about this picture. Basically this wrap keeps all the ligaments where they’re suppose to be. I’m very pleased with how well it makes my leg feel.

I also took a shot at coconut water tonight. A good source of electrolytes.

I felt really good during my run after I drank this. Not sure if it was just a coincidence or what, but I’m willing to keep trying. The taste, however, will be something to be desired *shutter*

Dinner tonight was quite the random concoction. Delicious though.

Potato scramble with sweet and purple potatoes, frozen leafy greens mix, black beans, eggs, and cheese. Served with a side of guacamole and salsa.

Hooray for pretty food!


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