blank stare.

I really wanted to blog this week but have had nothing exciting to write about. So pardon this post for being spastic.

Last night I made Whole Foods Layered Vegetable Enchiladas. Since my pictures are on my camera which is buried deep in a laundry basket full of sweaters…you get their photo:

Super excited about lunch today : )

With plans to make my way into the big girl healthy living blogger world, I bought an item today that will help me a lot. I am now the proud owner of a BRAND NEW Mac mini. ta daaaa!

It was such a good deal, I had to. I can finally get rid of the Gateway monster that sounds like death when it starts up. Yay!

As for exercise, I’ve taken this whole week off running. Next week starts training for my races coming up in the spring and figured I’d give myself a full week of rest. Plus my right leg has been bothering me a bit, so rest is exactly what I needed.

Cardio and weight machines have become my best friends lately. I’m convinced that mixing running with cardio and strength is the perfect race training method. Speaking of which, I must sit down and set my training schedule A-sap.

Weeeelp, that’s all I gots for now.



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  1. MB

    >I want to try the enchiladas. They look great!

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