I know I’m late but,
Happy New Year!

I had a wonderful new years weekend. New Years Eve was spent at Tremont Tap House…in Tremont:

Where I had a five course meal…

and a feather on my head!

I really need to sport that more often. Anyway, back to food!

First course: Mixed Greens Salad; First beer taster: Dogfish Head Immort Ale:

I normally don’t like fruit IN things, but the salad was very good.
Second course: Roasted Squash Soup; Second beer: Midas Touch:

Soup was okay, too much warm spice for my taste. I have been very anxious to try Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch, the recipe is the actual oldest-known fermented beverage in the world. Was discovered inside King Midas’ tomb! How crazy is that? It was really good.

Third course: Crispy Sweet Tea Brined Pork Shoulder; Third beer: Sah’Tea:

HOLY PORK! Freakin’ amazing.
Fourth course: Duck Confit Enchilada; Fourth beer: Theobroma: 
I’ve never had duck before and I don’t know why – delicious! Buttery and sweet with some spice from julienned jalapeno. Perfection.
Fifth course: Berry Crisp; Fifth beer taster: Black and Blue:

Again, I do not care for any sorts of cooked fruit/berries. Me no likey (plus I was stuffed).
Then it struck midnight and I was overwhelmed with birthday wishes. Thank you, everyone!
I may have gotten the best birthday present ever…
surprise party!
Thanks friends! For all the lies and planning, I really appreciate it : ))
What’s a party without Michael Jackson?

…and cake!



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2 responses to “twenty-seven.

  1. what'd you think of midas touch??and happy birthday!

  2. i really liked midas touch. it's much lighter than what i normally order (bud light-ish), but it was not bad.and thank you!!

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