christmas cookie?

When I think of Christmas, I think cookies. Every year, since I can remember, Christmas has always started with the cookie. My Grandmother would host cookie baking day for my sister and I, which happened to be my favorite day of winter break.

Ever since my Grandma passed, I have been deemed the baker of the family. I have taken it upon myself to provide the appropriate cookies every Christmas.

My Grandma’s sugar cookie must always be made. I’m pretty sure these cookies are responsible for my obsession with baking:

Since it’s me, and it’s Christmas…you get these:

(A Christmas Story is the THE best Christmas movie)
With a 40+ hour work week, I only have so much time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t make as many cookies as I would have liked. A classic Toll House chocolate chip cookie made the cut:

I did need to save time for a few homemade gifts. With six siblings (two brothers, one sister – all married), I decided to keep things simple with hand-crafted goods.

Hot chocolate mix (from Alton Brown):

Pumpkin bread and banana bread (baking as we speak):

After a week of preparing and baking, I’m whooped. Ready to relax and enjoy the holiday with my family and friends.
happy eats to all!

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