i love winter.

It really bothers me when people complain about Cleveland and its weather. You are fortunate to live in a place where you get all four seasons. It’s a beautiful and exciting adventure. Your world is always changing, bringing you new and wonderful things.

Stop being so negative, embrace winter!

i ♥ winter because…

When snow falls the world turns quiet. There is a silence that winter has, you can’t beat it.

Hot drinks. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea. Hanging out in a coffee shop with your hot beverage rules when it’s cold outside.

Sleeping with lots and lots of blankets! I love me some warm blankies.

Cookies. Specifically Christmas Cookies! I make my grandmothers cookies only at Christmastime. love, love, love.

Attempting to ski. I’m not the greatest skier, but I manage. Learn if you don’t know how, well worth it.

The whiteness of winter. It’s almost as if you are living in a black and white world like Pleasantville.

Fireplaces. Enough said.

Reading books. Quoted from my bestest, “I love literature and it’s a very literary season.”

Spending lots of time in the kitchen whipping up warm meals. To be fair, cooking is my favorite part of any season.

Wrapping myself up in scarves. I love having my neck covered, makes me feel safe (I totally get that from my grandma).

The all around beauty of snow. At night when the street lights make the falling snow sparkle – it’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful.

All the best holidays are during winter. Christmas with your family, New Years with your friends, Valentine’s Day with your love, St. Patrick’s Day (usually) with your…green beer?

Birthday celebrations. New Years Day is kind of the best birthday ever : )

The rare snow day. They are bound to happen sometime.

Spending those snow days sledding. You will never be too old to sled.

Rosy cheeks and noses. I love the way they look and feel.

I urge you to look to the bright side this winter season. There are so many wonderful things to do and see. Keep active and hopefully SAD won’t get you down. Here are few things you can keep yourself busy with:

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding at the Lake Metroparks.

Indians Snow Days at Progressive Field.

Visit A Christmas Story House in Tremont.

Learn to ski or snowboard at Alpine Valley or Boston Mills Brandywine.

See a play at Playhouse Square, watch a movie at Cedar Lee, eat some food at GLBC.

Grab winter by its snow balls and enjoy!


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