turkey trot 2010.

This was my first Cleveland 5 mile Turkey Trot, and by far the funnest race I have been in. About 5,000 people got out there on Thanksgiving morning so the energy was high. It was cold (but not too cold), rainy, and the wind was brutal.

The week leading up to the race I felt like I could barely run. I wasn’t injured, nothing was different but my legs felt like crap. On Wednesday night I was in tears, my legs were so achy and knew I wouldn’t be able to run. Having to stop during a race to walk is a complete failure to me. I didn’t want that. I worked on stretching and applying heat  for a few days before the race.

I woke up on Thanksgiving feeling pretty good (a little nervous). Ate a bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, drank some water, heated my legs, took an ibuprofen, and was ready.

After waiting in the bathroom line for days, it was time to GO!

The ecto cooler hoodie is brilliant for easy spotting!

I am extremely happy to report that I finished with ease. Once I got going with the masses of people around me I felt perfect. With a couple of challenging hills (plus wind), I ended with a 11:03/m pace.

294 Courtney Marshall Wickliffe OH 2951 26 2807 55:16.20 56:41.60 11:03/M

Ended up 294th out of 382 in the Women’s 25 – 29 age group, and 2807th over all. Not too shabby.
Definitely need to make this run a Thanksgiving tradition!


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