lastest obsessions.

Can you believe it is December in less than two weeks?! Time is flying and I don’t like it one bit!

I do love the time between Thanksgiving and New Years. Snow, sweaters, Christmas themed things, family, baking, slippers, birthday fun. All wonderful things (except the getting older part, eek!)

Speaking of birthdays…I should have a new nephew within the next week! I am very excited for Baby von Marshall.

…and I have decided on my birthday celebrations for this year (well, technically next). For those of you the don’t know, my b-day is on New Years Day so I always end up having a celebration New Years Eve. I mean c’mon, you would too.

best.birthday.ever. (thanks mom!! …and dad?)

With a tradition of doing something fabulous, this years theme will be…

50s/60s/Mad Men Cocktail party! New Years Eve must always be fancy.
(invitations and details will be sent shortly)

Since Mad Men is definitely one of my new obsessions, convincing myself to have a party like Betty Draper was an easy task.

other obsessions…

Food: Pumpkin Cream Cheese from Trader Joe’s. Oh my, what a delicious concoction. It’s probably a seasonal thing, get a tub before it’s gone!

Music: Come Home by Chappo (wish I knew how to embed videos, err sorry!)

TV: I have to fill the void since Mad Men is on hiatus, enter 90210. I can’t get over how bad the hair styles were in 1994.

Beauty: Thanks to another blogger, A Lady in Love, I discovered my new favorite product. Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller. Not that I have puffy eyes to begin with, it just brightens my whole eye area. Bigger, brighter eyes you say? Okay!

Thing: This couch from World Market. I really must have it. No joke.

Place: Bally Total Fitness. No one bothers me there, not even the staff. I may run in peace and warmth. (ps…this picture is meant to be used in the future for something funny, please excuse the awfulness)

Welp, there you have it – a little peak of what kind of trouble I’m getting into lately.

Oh! I also signed up for the Cleveland Turkey Trot 5 miler on Thanksgiving. Very excited. I could win a pie!

If you want to run/walk/saunter through downtown Cleveland sign up here, and let me know! Early registration ends today!


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