cleveland beer week.

For those of you living under a rock, it’s
Cleveland Beer Week!

With more than 375 events at 120 venues, this week has been exciting for the Greater Cleveland area. With the main focus on local breweries it’s not all about beer. I’ve been enjoying the community factor, and of course the food. Add food to any event and I’m on board.

With the full schedule listed on the website, you still have time to experience something. Go out and visit some place new. I promise you will find amazing things.

Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon – North Olmsted

Before Saturday I had no idea this place existed. Thank you CBW! I was extremely impressed. Great atmosphere, great food, great brew.

Like I said, the food is awesome. Ordered the pretzel sticks to start. They are not normally on the menu, just a ‘Special of the Day’ kind of thing. I took one bite and literally wow’d.

Since filling up on pretzels (errr….), I was only able to eat one slice of my margarita pizza. yum!

Thank you Fat Head’s! A++

Market – Rocky River

**Warning** Gentlemen beware – there is a disgustingly charming Australian bartender. Prepare to have the lady in your life ignore you, and flirt uncontrollably with him. I swear, she cannot help it, it’s a medical condition – the attractive accent causing weak knees syndrome.

Since I was too busy chatting it up with the Australian guy (who was married btw, who cares), I took no pictures. Oops : )

Great place, open and cozy atmosphere. Food looked great, large selection of beer. Definitely make your way there. Men will love the food and bar, ladies will love the scenery. Hey-ohh.

With limited time and money, a few friends and I decided to host our own CBW event. Each person brought an interesting beer to taste. We dined, we tasted, we laughed. Great idea for anyone looking for an interesting dinner party theme.

We sampled 2 local brews, along with ones from Belgium, Lithuania, and Ireland.

Finished the evening off with a little Rock Band, our favorite!

A big thanks to Mr. Ricco for his beautiful rendition of Lady Gaga.

Three days left of Cleveland Beer Week, where will you go?


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