Last night, stars aligned.

The world provided the most amazing environment.

Perfect weather, good music.

I ran an impromptu 5 miles.

Oh how I love days like this. My body is properly fueled and hydrated. I was fully entertained. My legs felt strong. Everything was just right.

The only thing that didn’t get the memo of perfection was my bladder. I could have easily destroyed 6, 7, 8 miles, but of course I needed to stop.

I don’t know what triggered the sudden increase in mileage. I think it may have something to do with what I had for lunch. Since I finished being vegan, I ate a little bit of all this:


I hated myself after I ate all that cheese and eggy-ness. I felt way too full and really gross. It wasn’t even worth it and I was kicking myself for thinking that I needed to eat it JUST BECAUSE.

I went home after work and made myself a delicious dinner. It happened to be vegan and it was so much better than any of the things I splurged on.

I wanted all of that nasty food out of my body, so I ran and didn’t stop (until absolutely necessary). It was the perfect combination of mind and body. I was focused and enjoyed myself. My shin splints didn’t flare up, and the hills that normally give me problems were a breeze.

Whatever happened in the universe last night needs to happen more often.

“Does the body rule the mind or does the mind rule the body?” – The Smiths


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