"enjoy your vegans."

I really enjoy eating at vegan/vegetarian restaurants. The menu is much more creative and exciting. Different ingredients and combinations, it is almost impossible to choose. Nothing you would ever find at your local Applebee’s (Couple’s Retreat joke. Anyone??). Anyway….

Tuesday’s Groupon featured a place called, Tree Hugger’s Cafe. With me being on the hunt for vegan restaurants, I was easily persuaded to try them. The menu is huge and offers a bunch of different selections for meat-eaters, vegetarians, and vegans. The atmosphere was that of a typical coffee shop or small bakery:

(quite cozy until I spilled my entire glass of water on my lap – sheesh)

My dinner consisted of a sampling of:

Sweet potato fries coated in a cinnamon sugar salt with a side of honey mustard (I didn’t dip, honey is technically not vegan.)

A [coffee] cup of vegetable soup.

Black bean chimichanga with sweet potatoes, brown rice and a side of vegan mango salsa.

Everything was very good, but had a bit too much seasoning for my taste. Cinnamon overpowered the sweet potato fries and chunks in my chimichanga. A little goes a long way with such a strong spice.

With their support for local food, and use of organic/healthy ingredients – I will definitely make my way back.


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