fall festivals!

This past weekend CLE hosted a few very fun festivals, all right up my alley. 

The Cleveland Botanical Gardens presented RIPE! Food & Garden Festival. Celebrating local farmers and distributors, this was super fun for a foodie like myself!

Unfortunately, not many of the samples were vegan-friendly. Everything looked and smelled incredible though.
Some of the lovely gardens:
Food was had at the Great Lakes Brewery. It was Oktoberfest weekend!
Amongst the menu of pork schnitzel, potato pierogies, bratwurst, and cabbage was *sigh* a vegan burger…

Oh don’t get me wrong, this was DELICIOUS buuuuuut the Hungarian side of me was aching to scarf down all those heart-stopping meats and cheeses. I allowed myself to have fries to make up for it : )

IngenuityFest 2010 is maybe the coolest thing I’ve ever been to. It was held under the Detroit-Superior bridge, in the old subway level. Yeah, that’s right.

Over the bridge:

Under the bridge:

Sooooo cool! Hats off to the city for letting this space house the IngenuityFest this year. I couldn’t think of a better venue for an art and technology festival. Brilliant I say, BRILLIANT.
Still think Cleveland’s a drag??

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