three week vegan challenge.

Having this blog makes me accountable for my recent changes. Putting all of my goals and challenges out there pushes me to succeed. I don’t want to write a blog about how I failed, and have all of you judge me. I don’t want you to see me fail.

I will run a half marathon, I currently do not eat meat, and I will be healthy.

Today starts a new challenge. I will be a vegan (a strict vegetarian; someone who eats no animal or dairy products at all) for three weeks. Three weeks?! Yes, three whole weeks. No animal products, a diet full of simple whole foods.

My only concern: pizza. Oooh how I love pizza. I can survive 21 days without pizza, right?? When I start getting the detox pizza sweats and shakes, then I’ll start to worry. Eek.

I am not going to rely on those vegan trick foods (tofurkey, vegenaise, cheese alternatives) either. Totally cheating, plus they are really expensive. I’m sure being vegan will cost a bit more than my usual diet, but without the cost of milk and eggs it will probably even out.

A healthy me, a healthy planet.
Wish me luck!


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