broken heart.

Knowing our body is the most important thing to living successfully. Having the ability to know when something is wrong will save your life. A lesson I thankfully learned this week.

My dad wasn’t feeling right on Monday, and he had a triple bypass on Thursday. He didn’t have a heart attack or stroke, he just felt…off. I cannot thank him enough for listening to his body, he saved his own life.  I’m trying not to cry while I write this, but THANK YOU DADDY! You are the smartest/funniest/most awesome-ist person I know and I love you with all my heart.

Doctors aren’t mind readers, so taking care of our bodies is all on us. Prevention with a healthly diet is probably number one. I honestly believe that everything can be healed with diet. Well sure, hereditary diseases or defects are bound to show in some, but a lot of people die from silly things that could have been prevented.

*cough*smoking*cough* (puns intended)

I now know that heart problems are a thing on my dads side. So, am I going to start eating tons of fried chicken and french fries? Not so much. I’ve cut meat out (which I’m learning is pretty awful for your body anyway – I’ll get into that some other time), I eat more vegetables and whole grains, I’m a cardio machine. All these things are good for my heart, and knowing this at 26 is extremely valuable. I don’t want to be old and hunched over, going to the doctor every week.
Live healthy now, so you can live healthy later.

The more you know.

Classic Dick Marshall. Fort Meigs Monument in Perrysburg, Ohio.

Get well soon PanPaw!


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