hello friends!
I must admit I’m not feeling too swell today. I am pretty scraped and damaged. Took a good spill on the street last night. My body moved before my feet wanted to and I went down. These things happen. Makes for a good story, right?

It’s funny now when I think about it and know that I’m (pretty much) okay. I would have loved to see what the people behind me saw. Haha, ohh me.

I am worried about my foot, it is a little swollen and bruised. I’m not going to able to run on it for a couple days (grrr!!!). The whole half a second I was falling I kept thinking, “don’t get hurt! don’t get hurt!” I try so hard to be injury free while I run, and now clumsiness puts a dent in training. *sigh* whatchagonnado.

With all that aside, I really had a good time last night. Attended my first Browns game! Thanks Melissa!

I think the Browns won….errr?

Happy long weekend, everyone! Enjoy it!


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