I learned how to run at the ripe old age of 24. My roommate at the time really got me into it. We both were occasional short distance runners, a mile or two here and there – nothing major. In the Spring of 2008, after both our lives were shaken up, we hit the pavement. Kathy and I pushed each other, helped each other. I ran because I was mad and sad, it was becoming my therapy and religion. That whole summer we trained for the Columbus Half Marathon in October.

We both left Toledo at the end of that summer, and went our separate ways. I continued to train, she did not. Apparently I wanted it more. So instead of heading to Columbus, I ran my own half marathon in the Metroparks. It was hard, and I wanted to give up but I didn’t. I worked too hard to be discouraged by someone who failed.

I don’t have a running buddy this time around, but I know I am stronger now. I know I will do this, I know I will…

in other news…

My roommate, Kevin, got his dog on Sunday. A very cute little papillon named Zoe.

So far so good…


Newest most delicious find: Amy’s organic frozen cheese pizza. Mmm. I also roasted up some home grown zucchini, courtesy of Kevin’s family garden.

Finished my evening with a very hot 3 miles.

I don’t glisten, I sweat…a lot.

If anyone needs a buddy to get motivated….


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