I read an interesting (but obvious) article in the The New York Times. It’s about how music motivates you to workout harder.

Just the other night, I was listening to Arcade Fire’s new album The Suburbs while doing my 3 miles, and I noticed that I felt more energized during the more upbeat tracks. I ran faster and longer, and I even wanted it more. The music pumping through your body is faux adrenaline, doesn’t chemically do anything to help you perform better, but it sure does help.

If you have trouble keeping your energy up during a workout, I suggest you make a playlist or cd (or tape??) with music that gets you moving. If the music makes you want to dance, it’ll be perfect!

happy moving!


For some reason I was craving an omelette yesterday, which is odd because I normally don’t like breakfast food. Then it hit me, the perfect concoction of egg-y goodness. For those of you familiar with Yours Truly, you know of Notso Fries, and if you know Notso Fries you definitely love the Notso Omelette. Heaven (and Hell) stuffed inside a fluffy egg blanket. Cottage fries, cheddar cheese, bacon, and sour cream.

Since that obviously isn’t healthy, I came up with a healthier alternative. A Southwestern Sweet Potato Omelette with pepper jack cheese, spinach, jalapeno pepper, Alexia’s Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, and (light) sour cream.

Omelette ingredient station:

Omelette making station:

Omelette eating station:

and of course…

I know I say every Great Lakes seasonal beer is the best, but Oktoberfest may actually be the best. Yum.

The omelette was spicy, but not step-away-from-the-table spicy. A good heat that is easily washed away with a nice German beer.

in other sweet potato news.
you must try…

Ooh Momma, these are delicious.

time for lunch yet?


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