hot town, summer in the city.

hello cleveland.

This summer I have fallen in love with a city everybody hates. Why, I don’t know. Sure, we have some weather issues – but c’mon, you live in a city with so much life and enthusiasm. When Cleveland gives you snow, make snowballs : )

I am not the only one who feels such a way – Anthony Bourdain says it best : “A place so incongruously and uniquely…seductive that I often fantasize about making my home there. Though I’ve made television all over the world, often in faraway and ‘exotic’ places, it’s the Cleveland episode that is my favorite – and one about which I am most proud.”

I’ve seen more of this city in the past couple months than I have in my whole life (minus a year that was spent in Toledo). This is mostly because of (I hate to say it) Facebook. I’ve been led to a lot of local events because of this extremely popular social networking site. It is a wonderful thing, word of mouth is definitely the best way to explore and learn about any city.

Here is just a few of my favorite summer adventures…

Ohio City
Great Lakes Brewing Company (local brew, local ingredients – easily my favorite place in CLE)
GLBC Brewery Tour (it’s free and they offer 25 cent samples, hello!)
Westside Market (incredible eats)
Open Air Market (Vintage clothes, crafts, art, CLE Clothing Co. pop-up shop)

A Christmas Story house. duhh!

Farmers’ Markets
Tremont, Shaker Square, Euclid
Lots of local farmers and gardens that need support. Better quality and organic. Sadly most markets go on during the week while us saps are stuck at work. Boo!

It’s true, Adam Richman was the one that finally got me to Melt. Not so great as a vegetarian though.

Cinema at the Square – Back to the Future
Back to the Future on the big screen. Incredible.

Waterloo Arts Festival
Coventry Street Fair
Tall Ships Festival
Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival
Teeechnically in Columbus, but it was a highlight of my summer. Also ran their 5K, super fun!

Cleveland Museum of Art Summer Solstice Party
Walking around the art museum at 2am was seriously awesome. THE best party ever. Phenomenal Handclap Band is super fun live. I constantly get ’15 to 20′ stuck in my head. Look it up.

Great Lakes Burning River Fest
A great and educational event. Definitely on my list to do every year. Lots of environmental organizations, eco-friendly vendors, and local food. All in all, a fabulous cause.

That has been my summer so far. Active and educational. I suggest you explore your city a little deeper, you never know what kind of gems you’ll find.

happy friday!


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  1. finally! you have crossed over into my thoughts!!! 🙂 love it! love Cleveland!

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