no meats for two weeks.

I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time, but never really had ‘real’ things to talk about. I could bore you with my not-so-exciting life or tell you about my job….err, no. There is one constant in my life, and that is food. I love making it, i love eating it, i love learning and reading about it. I’ve recently begun a health(ier) way of living and why not diary it with my fancy-schmancy new blog!

Today marks day five of my vegetarian experiment. On Monday of this week, I read about a campaign called ‘Meat Free Mondays.’ This campaign is urging people to give up meat for at least one day out of the week. This helps promote a healthier you, and planet. Reading more and more about their mission I decided to do a little experiment. I don’t have any sort of goals in mind, but I assume something will come out of this. I’m going to be meat free for (at least) two weeks. I am five days in, and I have had no problems. I don’t see myself becoming a vegetarian, I love all foods way too much! An occational burger or chicken burrito will always be in my life. Perhaps I will refer to myself as a flexitarian, but probably not – sounds way too snooty to be cool.

For all of you meat lovers out there, I urge you to buy and eat meat that is natural. The animals should be fed what they should be eating, and kept in a humane way; i.e. grass-fed beef, cage-free eggs. I know it is impossible to completely control everything you eat, but if you try a little here and there you are making a big difference.

I read a lot of blogs, so I’ve been getting some awesome insight on foods to try out. Most things I like, some I do not (Lara bars = puke). My love for Whole Foods has grown into a full-fledged obsession. I’m finding myself wanting to spend a Friday or Saturday night just roaming the aisles. So many goodies to try! I’ve discovered my newest favorite Whole Foods item: seeduction bread. Oh my, this bread is amazing. Tons and tons of seeds baked right inside! It’s sweet and crunchy and all around delicious. I think I will have a whole blog dedicated the world of Whole Foods : )

My Friday started off with a quick breakfast, I was running late for work and decided to just grab a Clif Z bar. Yes they are for kids, but the portion size is way better than regular Clif bars. A bit of kiddie energy won’t hurt, right?

I had a Gala apple for my mid-morning snack.

Lunch consisted of a salad. Basically my salads these days are anything and everything I find at home. Today’s was pretty light, romaine, carrots, green beans, and sunflower seeds with light balsalmic dressing.

Pretzel crisps, roasted red pepper hummus, and a Honest Tea Arnold Palmer finished it out.

So far, so good.
Hope you enjoy my food and life journey’s as much as I will! Until next time…


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